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sonali afrin
Apr 12, 2022
In General Discussions
Editor's Guide: Sometimes when we need to buy a product that we are not very familiar with, we will search for relevant information on the Internet, watch some evaluation articles or videos, and finally make a decision. This is a form of buy email list content e-commerce, which presents users with content rather than the naked product itself. The author of this article expressed some of his views on content e-commerce to share with you. 01 Introduction In a previous life experience, I planned to buy a suitcase, hoping that its material would be wear-resistant, light to use, and good for storage. However, I have looked at seven or eight pages of Taobao search results, and it is difficult to determine which suitcase I should buy buy email list to meet my expectations. Because in a large number of search results about luggage, there are different brands, appearances, functions, as well as varying prices, discounts and reviews, in order to find out which luggage suits my needs, it will make me instinctively in various influences. In addition, the information presented by many products is biased towards the introduction of superficial characteristics. so that I cannot trust them enough. At the same time, it also took me too much thinking and energy. After a week, I still haven't bought buy email list a suitcase that reassured me. Slowly, I almost lost the desire to buy. So, how should I solve my problem quickly? 02 Product logic of content e-commerce 1. What is content e-commerce Once, in my spare time, I saw an article with the title: Waiting for you at last: Falling down for a test! This is the suitcase that is portable and anti-manufacturing.
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