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Jul 30, 2022
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Now that you’ve got a good-looking landing page with a compelling CTA, let’s make sure that Google loves your page too. This quick and dirty on-page SEO checklist will allow you to meet ranking factors: Did you place the main keyword in the URL? Is your URL short and focused? Did you create a compelling page title tag and meta description? Are you using the main keyword in your H1? Is there only one H1? Are you using subheadings for hierarchy and structure? Did you optimize your images by compressing them, choosing a good file name, and adding appropriate alt text? For a more detailed checklist, check out our on-page SEO checklist. 5. Build good backlinks Given that keywords with “landing page intent” tend to be quite lucrative (because companies are getting leads), chances are they’re going to be at least somewhat competitive. Dividing the workload like this whatsapp number list allows both the vendor and the affiliate to focus on their strengths. The improvements are similar on desktop and mobile. Most of the focus in 2021 was on mobile results. Competitiveness usually translates to having to build more links. The Keyword Difficulty (KD) score and the SERP overview in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer will help you determine roughly how many links you will need. There are many different link-building strategies that can help you to reach your target, so covering them all is beyond the scope of this article. However, a good starting point is to look under the hood of your competitors’ landing pages and see where they are getting their links from. Do you see trends? For example, if we plug Asana’s task management landing page into Site Explorer and check the Backlinks report, we immediately see a trend: It has lots of links from lists of task management apps: Backlink trends in Site Explorer So, in this case, one link-building strategy we may want to employ to build backlinks to a similar landing page is to try and get featured on similar lists. Other trends you may spot when looking at backlinks include: Links because of an interactive feature and/or free tool. Links from reviews. Links from testimonials.
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