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shopon hossain
Apr 09, 2022
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From this context, we intend to investigate how the figures indicated, the corridor and the labyrinth, allow us to understand the borders of the country and, in a complementary way, its particular behavior in the face of the pandemic generated by the coronavirus. The expansion of covid-19 has had a specific impact on border areas, since it precisely affects mobility and its control. Borders normally play a filter role that directly impacts the movement of people and goods. Thus, at a time of apparent selective limitation of traffic and heightened fear of social contacts, how much have Bolivian borders changed? Conceiving Bolivia as a corridor, capable of facilitating and taking advantage of trade between the ports of the Pacific and the Atlantic, is a persistent idea that has been analyzed in various studies.two. In a country with a poor road network, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List trunk road that has been paved from end to end is the one that crosses Bolivian territory from East to West. The importance of this axis is ratified in the project of the railway line proposed on the same section: the bi-oceanic train. It is a geographical discourse that directly involves borders, since it imagines them as concentrators and facilitators of transit, especially at the border crossings on its main axis. However, this rhetoric is still far from having practical effects. Until now, it is difficult to affirm that Bolivian border crossings are efficient traffic control and fluidization systems. Despite these difficulties, for Bolivia the relationship with the Chilean ports and with these border crossings is decisive. It is an effective relationship, although not necessarily efficient, given the customs and port difficulties that are frequently reported.