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sharmin akter
Apr 11, 2022
In General Discussions
2. They are skilled editors When a company leverages existing staff to produce text and video content ( insourced ), the initial product can sometimes be "rough" :-) But a good content manager can turn a "5" into a "9" or "10" in quality "—to make the original source as clear and concise as possible to the reader. 3. They have excellent interview skills This is huge. Because insourcing is a big deal these days, subject matter experts are spread across companies large and small. A great content industry mailing list manager knows how to sit down with these people (and vendors) and ask the right questions to inspire content that will teach, help, and inform readers. Related: How to Evaluate Content Manager Candidates' Interviewing Skills 4. They are ready to be best friends in sales One of the most common challenges we hear when clients first come to us is that sales and marketing are not on the same page - I bet many of you reading this will relate to that. Heck, we at IMPACT tackled this challenge ourselves, which is why we went to great lengths to bring everyone -- sales, marketing, and leadership -- together with something called a revenue team: Liz What is Rev [v7] ️Watch: What is a revenue team?
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