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Samiul Islam
Aug 03, 2022
In General Discussions
it is an attempt to replace some repetitive labor through technology, reduce the cost and pricing of products and services, and at the same time ensure a relatively efficient learning process and effect for each student. These innovations will further promote the online learning model and the K12 teaching method that combines offline and online, so as to gain a wider choice of C-end consumers (students, and parents). Changes are naturally based on variables, such as onlineization above. At the same time, the stock cannot be ignored. As mentioned above, more than 80% of the newly registered training companies this year are still mainly in the form of offline training. For offline education b2b data and training institutions with localized and real-world advantages, how to retain relatively healthy operating capabilities in the competition with new competitors (new online giants) and how to improve teaching and training services are all important propositions. 5. Changes in the demand side of schools: Accelerating adaptation and exploring integration Not only for C-end students and parents but also when receiving extra-curricular and in-class training, the online forum has become one of the important choices. As the main body of public education, there are more than 200,000 schools and 9.73 million teachers in primary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. They carry the main learning scenarios of about 150 million K12 students in China.
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