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Jul 28, 2022
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If it is not for this user group, this model will not hold. From the perspective of the development of the community group buying industry, the rise and targeting of leading companies are in second-tier cities. Up to now, neither Orange Heart Preferred nor Meituan Preferred has opened first-tier cities, which can be seen. 3. Core element 2: group leader (distribution system) It can be seen from the business link of community group buying that the head of the group is one of the most critical roles in the establishment of the model. On the one hand, it is necessary to rely on the head of the group to aggregate community traffic and achieve orders through the head of the group. On the other hand, the head of the group has the ability to undertake this offline entrance. However, the b2b data head of the group is driven by commission interests, and there is not much loyalty. Because of this, these companies are now using funds to make explosive products, attracting team leaders and traffic. Therefore, the ground organization competition for the head of the group is the root cause of the war for community group buying. It can be said that the head of the group constitutes a complete distribution system and is the cornerstone of community group buying. The enthusiasm of the group leader for the accumulation and expansion of the traffic pool is a prerequisite for the rapid acquisition of customers in the region by community group buying. The establishment of the head system is the key to realizing regional scale and national promotion.
Core Element 2: Group Leader (Distribution System) content media