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Md Robiul Islam
Apr 07, 2022
In General Discussions
You can always find it online. The question "Is Estee Lauder suitable for young people?" In the way that brands approach young people, celebrities have undoubtedly become the most direct media bridge between brands and consumers. Estee Lauder is also aware of this, so in recent years, it has boldly selected young stars with huge social media fans to cooperate with them to rapidly increase the brand's popularity among young people on social media. From Liu Wen, Tang Yan, Wang Junkai to Yang Mi, they have all carried out different form of cooperation. On the eve of this year's Double 11, Estee Lauder played the card of the traffic star strategy to the extreme. In September, Li Xian, who jumped into the top traffic with the hit drama "Dear Beloved", was signed by Estee Lauder as the brand's spokesperson for skin care and makeup in the Asia-Pacific Bulk SMS Service region. Then, the day before the double 11 pre-sale opened, Estee Lauder officially announced Xiao Zhan as the brand's spokesperson for makeup and fragrance in the Asia-Pacific region, and launched a Xiao Zhan lipstick reversal micro-movie, pointing directly to the double 11 pre-sale scene. As an aside, I think this ad is worthy of learning from many brands. Why? Because most of the current makeup brands' advertisements for lipsticks are nothing more than showing the lipstick number, texture, etc., and they are all focused on the direct display of lipstick products. This time, Estee Lauder gave the advertisement a storytelling. The main lipsticks of "reversed color" and "rejected color" are more vivid and figurative, and integrated into the situation of the workplace, so that the lipstick has its own scene-based memory points, which is easier to seize. The minds of users undoubtedly contributed to the pre-sale of Double 11. Returning to the choice of brand star strategy, holding hands with Li Xian and Xiao Zhan means that Estee Lauder, which focuses on the women's skin care market, has swept the hottest top-traffic male stars this summer, plus Yang Mi, the global spokesperson known as the "Queen of Goods" , thus forming the "