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Sumaiya Misty
Apr 19, 2022
In General Discussions
In 2022, the trend will again be to benefit from the benefits of technology! Let's examine the values ​​of the building sector, which has been developing with technology in the construction sector, which has started to work with the digital world Iran Phone Number List a while, despite the increase in speed in the last two years: Building Sector Values ​​Developing with Technology A. BIM (Building Information Modeling) In the building sector; The use of BIM , which is a Iran Phone Number List three-dimensional information sharing process that can be used jointly by those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of architectural projects, is increasing day by day. While it provides conveniences such as minimizing the Iran Phone Number List of error and saving time while calculating the cost, it also helps to prevent possible problems in the continuation of the project from the beginning. The use of BIM, which is becoming more preferable day by day in our country, is a mandatory item in the construction Iran Phone Number List in some countries, in the contracts of construction projects. Some of these countries are; United Kingdom, United States of America, Norway and Singapore. Autodesk describes BIM as "an intelligent 3D model-based process that evolves to help professionals manage infrastructure and structures." BIMobject ® , for which we are the only authorized dealer in. Turkey as Building Catalogue, and many construction industry professionals in our country ; It is among the building industry trends that industry Iran Phone Number List professionals will prefer in 2022. B. Augmented Reality (AR) AR , one of the most advanced levels of technology ; It gives us the opportunity to see the three-dimensional versions of the Iran Phone Number List projects that are still under construction. The simulation also includes conveniences such as safety training and solutions in times of danger, and automatic measurement of buildings.