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Robin Islam
Apr 07, 2022
In General Discussions
It is impossible to work part-time, and the most common way to survive is to work. If there is a day of the year when you can be open to work, it must be New Year's Eve. After all, "big New Year's Eve". So we will be curious, what kind of mood do people log into the recruitment platform on New Year's Eve? What kind of situation do they have, and where do they want to go? We chatted with some people who are still active on recruitment platforms on New Year's Eve. Try to find the answer to your question from them. Some of them failed the postgraduate entrance examination and hoped to find the direction of their future life through the black and white offers in their mailboxes; some finally made up their minds to leave Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and their careers without missing any opportunity; There are also recruiters who are active. Some people regard 365 days as a working day and race against time in the name of growth and war. We find that it is a question of the relationship between work and life, and it is also a question of the relationship between the mortal body and eternal time. Work is a bridge between people and society, and it is also a means for many people to realize the value of life. It sometimes means a car and a house, sometimes it means the family's reassuring smile, and sometimes it simply means the sense of existence and value of being born as a human being. The recruitment platform that was lit up on New Year's Eve was interpreted by some as the helpless involution of migrant workers, while others were interpreted as self-expectations that were always online. The clash of opinions, the objective pressure of work, and the anti-chicken soup-style self-mockery of “dagong workers” are all reflections of our real life. These seemingly contradictory opposites are spirally combined into the ATCG (DNA sequence) of our social life. Recruiters offering young people a job, working as a laborer in a mundane occupation, delivering Phone Number List a takeaway, shouting "peanut drink mineral water" day after day on the train... These may not be some great dreams or feats. But I think, whether it is out of love, vanity, or the instinct of survival, every ordinary person's efforts in the name of work can always make the human race a little better and the world a little better. Here is their story: 1. The classmates I used to look down on the most got an offer from a big factory, and my salary keeps getting lower and lower. Job Seeker | Ma Wenwen | 25 years old | 3 years of experience | Marketing That kind of mood is like waiting for someone you like to give you a number card for love. Whether it's New Year's Eve or three o'clock in the middle of the night, the news will be opened and returned in seconds. Better than that situation, I can be a "sea king": I try to communicate with some bosses, HR, and headhunters as much as possible, and the probability of receiving a reply will be much higher. If the New Year is not counted as the New Year, I have changed 3 jobs in 2020. In early January, he was honored to be a "former employee" of the company, and there was no N+1 until the probationary period.
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