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Apr 12, 2022
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the Internet and giants are playing an increasingly important role in public emergencies, whether it is basic communication support, online consultation platforms and search big data. In order to ensure smooth communication, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the communication industry represented by China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom has been making every effort to ensure smooth communication and information services for epidemic prevention and control. In the field of online live broadcast, Baidu launched the "War Epidemic Live Room" to conduct live broadcasts of popular science against the epidemic, and started the journey of "Cloud War Epidemic". In terms of cloud resumption, HUAWEI CLOUD took the lead in announcing on January 26 that during the epidemic, free WeLink enterprise collaboration services will be provided to enterprises and individuals in need. The search data that we once considered "outdated", as active data provided by users spontaneously, also played an important role in reviewing the economic phenomenon in 2020. From text message service the perspective of big data, an average of more than 1 billion people use Baidu search to learn about the epidemic every day. On the online consultation service, Baidu Health's "Ask a Doctor" consultation volume exceeded 850,000 in a single day. It can be said that whether it is adhering to "user-oriented, technology for good", or creating employment opportunities for billions of people, Internet giants are deeply realizing that technology should not only stop at cold algorithms and screen codes, after all , who can truly understand the pain points of the market and the rigid needs of users, and who can truly participate in the operation of the entire social mechanism.