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Apr 12, 2022
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See if they buy from your affiliate link. Send Asia Email List out another follow-up email and watch your response again. If they do not seem to respond to the product, move on to another one. Hey - no one said it's going to be easy! 3) Always Keep in Touch Asia Email List Your list members are going to forget all about you if they don't hear from you in 4-8 weeks. You can blame them either; they have their own lives to lead and the average person seeking information on the Internet is so overwhelmed by different offers from different people. Stay on their minds, and they will Asia Email List respond better to you. If you have nothing to sell or promote to them, just tell them something about your life and Asia Email List how you've been doing the past one week. Have a competition, give away some prizes. Let them get something from you and they will return the favor later. Send them to your blog to read an article you Asia Email List just wrote. Although it may not amount to much, your list members may end up clicking on one of your Ad Sense ads, and this could produce some extra money for you. Of, you could slip in some affiliate links and see if they convert. However, make sure your articles are more editorial in nature instead of blatant promotions.