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Apr 03, 2022
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An annual contract with a trial period of one month, whereby we will of course be happy to hire you on a permanent basis. A salary between € 3,184 and € 4,548 per month on a full-time basis* 26 vacation days with a full-time working week* Flexible working hours and the option to work from home Extensive training and education options, and Offline, aimed at developing your craftsmanship and self-development A travel allowance in accordance with the Landal travel costs table. If you decide to travel by public transport, the travel costs incurred by you will be reimbursed 100%. –Landal wants to encourage its employees to come to the Telemarketing list workplace by public transport Participation in the Landal pension scheme with Nationale Nederlanden. This scheme provides for the accrual of a pension based on the defined contribution system. —- The scheme also has a Dependant's pension on a risk basis. The premium for this pension scheme is currently fully paid by Landal Various collective insurance policies, including free continuous travel insurance for you and your family A favorable staff booking arrangement * A full-time employment at Landal has a 38-hour working week.Email marketing is the prime example of how details in a marketing campaign can make a huge difference. A different audience selection, theme or image size, for example.